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New Moms Support Group

When: Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm PST 

Where: Zoom 

Who: Must be based in CA with a child under the age of one year

Led by: Pauline L'Herbette, ACSW #120632 supervised by Lisa Jellison, LMFT #46430

Cost: $45 per session

About Me 

I'm a therapist and mother of two. I recently had my second child who is 5 months old and I also have a 5 year old. As a therapist, my primary focus has been working with teens, parents, and families through various challenges. My personal experience with the journey of motherhood and its complexities and my clinical experience allow me to offer a unique perspective. 

About the Group 

My goal is to create a nurturing environment for new moms, offering them the resources and encouragement they need to navigate this transformative period with confidence and resilience.


Transition to motherhood, identity in early motherhood, postpartum mental health, isolation, pressures of work, processing returning to work, balancing being a parent to more than one child, balancing being a partner/mother & more. 

Babies are welcome! Please don't let not having childcare prevent you from joining this group. 

Groups Coming Soon 

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